Anke Middelmann

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In working with you, my goal is to move you from feeling stuck, lost and overwhelmed to gaining clarity and inspiring you to design a future that is aligned with your unique set of values and strengths, skills and abilities.

You will work with me individually, in weekly one-hour sessions. This allows for deep exploration and progress. To accelerate your progress, you have the opportunity to continue your reflections through motivating exercise and activities.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We will explore some of the areas in your life where you are feeling off-track or stuck and what has led you here, as well as the goals you have for your future. I will explain how we would work together, and how we could achieve results and outcomes that are in alignment with the Real You. If we determine that working together will be a good fit for us both, we will discuss our coaching relationship. If it ends up not being a good fit, I will still guide you to resources and tools that can help you.

3. Who is Anke Middelmann?

I have been in your situation! Like many of us, I considered for the longest time that the way I managed my ups, downs, changes, and challenges was just a normal part of life. I went through life and work following the expectations of those around me, and feeling somewhat “selfish” if I listened to my internal voice that kept repeating that there was “more” to me than what I was doing. Dreams and thoughts of a “perfect” life were pushed to the back of my mind because they would be too difficult to realise–they would have meant a complete change in what I did, where, and how. And so I continued in a familiar (but not satisfying) groove of managing home, family, and intense work, to the point of exhaustion and, ultimately, burnout.

While initially very destabilising, it soon became my perfect opportunity to really listen to that internal voice—and to acknowledge that it had been right all along: I could no longer ignore that, in uplifting and supporting others to realise their dreams, I was, without fail, my most energised and positive, happy and fulfilled self. In short, it guided me to coaching.

I have come full circle to live my life purpose. It required a lot of profound, at times uncomfortable, introspection, but it was also very uplifting and liberating. This process allowed me to move forward, and through demanding coaching training, with confidence and determination that I never really knew I had, and to bring to life my coaching business, The Beauty of Reinvention. The name really resonates with my own experience of transformation: the process of reinvention is a gorgeous and life-affirming process.